Cross-Country Ski Centre Alta Badia

For both classic and skate skiing

26 km of trails (including 6 km equipped with artificial snow-making facilities) that wind through the woods and meadows of Saré/Armentarola, next to San Cassiano. They are among the favourite ones of such world-famous skiers as Maria Canins and Deborah Agreiter. No wonder. Optimal conditions for high-altitude training are combined here with fabulous views: all around tower the dolomite bastions of Mount Conturines (3.064 m), Mount Lavarella (3.055 m) and Mount Setsas (2.571 m). Fresh mountain air will indulge your senses and connect your mind and body with nature, making special your every skiing moment.

But the spectacular scenery isn’t the only plus of the Cross-Country Centre Alta Badia. Everything here is tailored to the skiers’ requirements: school area with biathlon zone, equipment rental, changing rooms with shower and WC, bar and restaurant. Buses that connect the Cross-Country Ski Centre Alta Badia with different villages of Alta Badia stop just 50 m away from the Cross-Country Ski School.